Nacah Tech LLC provides combustion equipment including thermal oxidizers, combustion systems, air heaters, etc. Along with equipment, NacahTech provides service.

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On-Site Services and Design Services

Efficiency reviews, System Upgrades and Repairs
Our best Service from the OXPERT. 

Nacah Tech LLC engineers or inspectors review existing oxidizers.  Upgrade and address issues that arise from process or operational changes from the original design e.g pressure or temperature or organic loading changes, poor or outdated designs or equipment,  new regulatory requirements, wear and tear, high operational swings, refractory issues, outdated controls, corrosion/oxidation, and more.  We learn the operational good and bad from plant personnel and prescribe optimized solutions to improve performance.

Improving throughput, upgrades with the burner(s), fans, or heat recovery method, PLC upgrades, instrumentation and their reliability improvement, analyzer use, and other improvements may be decided upon to optimize the plant’s operation, improve efficiency, save operational costs and or improve safety.

​Air Pollution Control Solutions


  • Servicing thermal oxidizers and installations

  • Engineering assistance as needed for engineering firms or users for thermal oxidizer inspections

  • Consulting to assist with spec writing, determining optimum solution for process, budget planning, etc.

  • Determining to Upgrade old equipment vs buying new equipment.

  • Optimize existing equipment with 

  • Field service & troubleshooting

Featured On-Site services


To ensure optimum combustion operations it is recommended to tune the combustion system annually due to changes in operating conditions, process parameters, temperatures and pressures. Each tune up details the status initially and that after the tuneup.  A report is provided with recommendations for the process and combustion settings as well as refractory or mechanical repairs and control or safety needs. The proper air to fuel ratio is checked with resulting burner performance for optimum energy efficiency.


Prevent downtime with an inspection and training.  Plant operating personnel may be trained to identify potential trouble points and, if needed, provide knowledgeable troubleshooting on their own or with the assistance of a phone call to Nacah Tech with any future problems.  Proper training improves reliability, may lower operational and maintenance costs and minimize down time. The system’s life is then extended. To meet the needs of customers, Nacah Tech offers annual maintenance agreements to service your oxidizer or combustion systems.

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Air pollution control

Nacah Tech offers full design services including estimation of nature and quantity of VOC’s for plant engineers/operators and long-term operation success. Activated Carbon saves initial costs, assures proper capture, and optimizes operating costs.
Individually designed systems to suit particular applications depending on type and quantities of VOC ‘s. 

heat recovery, Air heaters and combustion system design

Direct, indirect, pressurized and heat recovery systems

Thermal Oxidizers

Nacah Tech provides the process design, mechanical design, BMS (control system) design, material procurement and fabrication, installation supervision and commissioning of Thermal Oxidizer Systems and accessories.