Custom Air Heaters

Pre-piped and pre-wired skid mounted fuel train

  • Natural gas
  • Backup auxiliary fuel gas or oil
  • High pressure oil field gas
  • Low BTU/Low pressure gas
  • Process off gas

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Combustion Systems

‚ÄčAir Pollution Control Solutions

We custom design

  • Direct fired industrial air heaters

  • Indirect fired air heaters

  • Pressurized air heaters

  • Heat recovery systems

As needed for systems:

  • Pipe Racks and Panels
  • Continuous Emission Monitor System
Blower and flexible connections

  • Small to large capacity sizing
  • Accommodates unique process requirements
  • Fire available fuel: gas or liquid
  • Low emissions (NOx/CO) available
  • Custom designs
  • Refractory or refractory-less
  • Low maintenance
  • Batch or continuous process operation
  • Controls interface as needed
Process dRying, heating, and other applications
  • Custom sizing
  • Ability to accommodate unique process requirements
  • Accommodates low emission needs: CO and NOx
  • Process heating temperatures as needed
  • Waste fuel firing as needed
  • Multiple fuels or single fuel
  • High efficiency arrangement
  • Proper burner type selection for effi ciency and process consideration 
  • System designed to meet your available fuels: natural gas, low BTU gas, high BTU gas, liquids, etc.
  • Single or multiple burners for best heat distribution
  • Retrofits or new installations
control panels
  • All safeties as required

  • UL or FM, etc.

  • PLC per specification

  • HMI per specification

  • Communications as needed