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Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

Recuperative thermal oxidizers best suit VOC laden air streams with sufficient loading that provides more heat than for sound RTO’s operation but insufficient normal loading for DFTO (direct fired thermal oxidizer).   Recups reduce the operating costs to an optimum level while not overheating or overloading the system.

This recuperative TO treats dynamometer exhaust coming from multiple engine test stands.  The loading varies from mostly air when engines are not loaded or idled to higher loading when engines are operating.  This style of operation matches those of many batch processes in applications for chemicals, petrochemicals, food, and many more.

This unit was also available for rent once unit was decommissioned.

Nacah Tech provides the process design, mechanical design, BMS (control system) design, material procurement and fabrication, installation supervision and commissioning of Thermal Oxidizer Systems with many available accessories such as LEL analyzer, flow meters, controls, waste heat recovery, preheaters, flame arrestor, id fan, and stack.  Each system thermally decomposes the VOC’s in waste gases from Production facility with its given emission sources in air/gas. The TO system is designed based on the information supplied under the specification. Design, manufacture, deliver & commission TO system for use at a wide variety of industrial, process or other plants.

thermal oxidizer Solutions

Design, procurement, fabrication, installation supervision and comissionoing