Servicing Thermal Oxidizers

Nacah tech LLC

Nacah Tech LLC provides top notch service for thermal oxidizers.  Nacah Tech analysis, troubleshooting and service provides experienced recommendations to improve on line availability, reduce emissions, increase capacity, and/or reduce operating costs.  Whatever your need is, contact us so we may join your team to make your oxidizer or combustion system operate as effectively as you need.  Initial phone consultation is free. You may improve your system reliability, optimize your steam production, update system controls, reduce fuel consumption, or simply have your operators/maintenance personnel trained on setting up burner controls at your site.   Call 412-833-0687, email, or visit us at

Services are sometimes for single plant independent operations but often are large, Fortune 500 companies with multiple sites.  These market leaders include; large chemical producer of lawncare products, refractory brick manufacturer, roofing shingle manufacturer, government munitions destruction, base chemical producer source for several other chemical companies, green power biomass or conventional electricity producer, major automotive companies, etc.  Each client realizes the importance of new ideas and fresh perspective to their process, concerns, efficiency and problems.

Combustion equipment service.  NT is serving customers with application sizes ranging from a small 100 cfm resin bake-off oven afterburner, to a 125,000 cfm dryer exhaust gas oxidizer with innovative heat recovery that meets steam demand and/or reduces fuel consumption. NT also serves as a designer using extensive experience to provide custom service/solutions for customers in many markets including automotive, metals, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, resins, carbon, asphalt, wire, biomass, agriculture, etc. 

Contact NT to inspect and improve your system today.