Custom Thermal Oxidizers and Pollution Control Equipment
Thermal Oxidizers
Nacah Tech engineers each thermal oxidizer to properly fit the location and efficiently operate. 

Considerations for designs include:
  • Inlet flows (10 scfm +)
  • Available space for unit
  • Refractory linings for high temperature, acid protection or particulate matter
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Control logic
  • Heat recovery options
  • Chemically bound N (minimize NOx)
  • Halogens
  • Acid or sulfur presence
  • High CO
  • High organics
  • Organic or inorganic particulate matter
  • Rich or lean streams
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Available axillary fuels
Call or email Nacah Tech to discover how a thermal oxidizer may benefit your process system. 

Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers are designed as a part of a APC system that can include heat exchanger, waste heat boiler, SCR, NSCR, or other equipment to for operating efficiencies.  This schematic shows a basic configuration.

More typical schematics of thermal oxidizer installations

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